Hunter Industries is committed to research and development efforts centered on innovative solutions that save water, and we always have been. Our focus towards water and energy conservation will continue every day.

From a product development standpoint, Hunter has purposefully developed the infrastructure and acquired the technology to design and build any product we envision. This enhanced capability is evident in the highly innovative irrigation and lighting products we continue to bring to the market.

Beyond products, our infrastructure as a corporation is built to minimize resource use as well. From our LEED certified factories and facilities, to our extensive material waste reduction efforts, every aspect of our business was developed to use as little resource as possible. Moving forward our promise to our customers and community remains the same: In our every endeavor, Hunter Industries will strive to employ business practices that use natural resources as efficiently as possible.

"Every aspect of our business is routinely analyzed and adjusted to use as little resources as possible."
To conserve, we need proper design, installation, management, and maintenance for a top-performing system and landscape
  • Proper product for the landscape area/plant material; separate micro-climates into their own zones

  • Follow the design (for the most efficient system) and use proper installation techniques (for lower maintenance costs, and longer system life)

  • Have the controller scheduled properly for the right amount of water for each type of plant material and change the schedule based on local weather conditions

  • Schedule periodic inspections with professionals to ensure proper system functioning, make repairs as needed, and update products when appropriate