Many municipalities and local water districts provide incentives and rewards for water-efficient products such as Hunter's MP Rotator, or Solar Sync Weather sensor, among others. Different rewards and incentives apply per state, and per system type (commercial and residential).

Rebates are offered by many local water utilities.

Smart Controllers

Hunter controllers can be converted to a smart controller by adding a Solar Sync ET sensor. The Solar Sync uses a daily seasonal adjustment feature on the Hunter controller to make run time changes based on a local weather conditions. This allows for optimal watering based on daily weather conditions.

High Efficiency Nozzles

The Hunter MP Rotator is the most efficient nozzle in the irrigation industry, rebates are offered for making the switch from hi-precip conventional spray nozzles to Hunter’s MP Rotator. A switch that can lead to a 30% increase in water saving.

Steps to find out about rebates

  1. Search the web for your local water utility provider to see if they offer Smart Controller or High Efficiency Nozzle rebates.
  2. Call your local water utility provider and ask if they offer rebates on Smart Controller and High Efficiency Nozzle retrofits.
  3. Ask your irrigation contractor about local rebates or find a new contractor with Hunter’s Preferred Contractor Referral process.