Hunter Residential and Commercial Irrigation

Hunter Industries Incorporated (“Hunter”) warrants the following products to be free of defects in materials or workmanship under normal use in landscape irrigation applications for the specified period of time outlined below from the original date of manufacture:


One Year: SRM

Two Years: PGP-ADJ, PGJ, HCV

Five Years: PGP Ultra, I-20, I-25, I-40, I-50, I-80, and I-90 Families


Two Years: PS Ultra Family, SJ, FLEXsg, HSBE Family

Five Years: Pro-Spray, Pro-Spray PRS30, and Pro-Spray PRS40 Families


Two Years: Spray Nozzles, PCN, PCB, AFB, MSBN

Three Years: MP Rotor Family


Two Years: PGV Family, Accu Sync

Five Years: HQ, ICV, IBV


One Year: Micro Sprays, PLD Fittings, Rigid Risers, Air Relief Valves, RZB

Two Years: ACZ, PCZ, RZWS, Point Source Emitters, Tubing, Multi-Port Emitters, IH Risers, MLD, Eco-Indicator, Multi-Purpose Box, Senniger Regulators, PLD-LOC Fittings

Five Years: ICZ, PLD, HDL, HDL-COP**, Eco-Mat, Eco-Wrap


Two Years: ACC (Legacy), BTT, Eco Logic, HC, HCC, HPC, I-Core/DUAL Families (Legacy), NODE, NODE-BT, Pro-C Families, Pro-HC, PSR, ROAM, X2, X-Core, XC Hybrid, WAND

Three Years: ROAM XL, EZ Decoder System, EZ-DT

Five Years: ACC2, ICC2, ICD Decoders, ICD-HP


Two Years: HC Flow Meter, ET Sensor

Five Years: Clik Sensors, Flow-Sync, MWS, Solar Sync, Wireless Flow Sensor


Two Years: SpotShot


Two Years: IMMS Central Control Products (Legacy), A2C-WIFI, A2C-LAN, A2C-CELL-E, WIFIKIT, LANKIT, CELLKIT

Hunter Golf and ST System Irrigation Component* Warranty Products

Hunter will unconditionally repair, replace, or repurchase, at its sole discretion, any defective component* assemblies contained within the Golf and ST products listed below by category, returned freight prepaid, from the date of manufacture within a period of:

Golf Controllers

One Year: Pilot Command Center Software, Pilot-FC, Pilot-FI, Pilot-IHS

Golf Rotors

Three Years: TTS-800 Series, G-800 Series, G-900 Series, B-Series, RT-Series

Five Years: The golf rotor component warranty is extended to 5 years with a one-for-one purchase of an HSJ Swing Joint from an authorised Hunter Golf distributor.

Golf Integrated Two-Way Modules

Three Years: Pilot 100, Pilot 200, Pilot 400, Pilot 600

Swing Joints

Five Years: HSJ-0, HSJ-1, HSJ-2, HSJ-3

ST Rotors

Five Years: ST-90, STG-900, ST-1200, ST-1600, ST-1700

ST Accessories

Five Years: All model “numbers” starting with “ST”

Computer, Printers & Accessories, Maintenance Radio & Battery

Equipment manufacturer’s warranty (no Hunter warranty)

* Warranty covers repair, replacement, or repurchase of individual defective component assemblies contained within the product. Returns of complete finished goods are not allowed under warranty without prior approval from the Hunter Product Manager.

If used for agricultural applications, Hunter limits the warranty for its spray, rotator, and rotor products to a period of one (1) year from the original date of manufacture. This agriculture limitation supersedes all other warranties expressed or implied.

**While the use of copper does not completely remove the chance of root intrusion, it has been shown to assist in its prevention when coupled with proper irrigation scheduling.

If a defect in a Hunter product is discovered during the applicable warranty period, Hunter will repair or replace, at its option, the product or the defective part. This warranty does not extend to repairs, adjustments, or replacement of a Hunter product or part that results from misuse, negligence, alteration, modification, tampering, or improper installation and/or maintenance of the product. This warranty extends only to the original installer of the Hunter product. If a defect arises in a Hunter product during the warranty period, contact your local Hunter Authorized Distributor.

Hunter’s warranty applies only to products installed as specified and used as intended for irrigation purposes. Hunter’s warranty shall be limited to defects in materials and workmanship during the warranty period, and shall not extend to situations in which the product was subjected to improper design, installation, operation, maintenance, application, abuse, improper electrical current, grounding, service other than by Hunter authorized agents, operating conditions other than that for which it was designed, or in systems using water containing corrosive chemicals, electrolytes, sand, dirt, silt, rust, or agents that otherwise attack and degrade plastics. Hunter’s warranty does not cover component failures caused by lightning strikes, electrical power surges, or unconditioned power supplies. If products are repurchased, the price to Distributor for such products in effect at the time of return will apply.

Hunter’s obligation to repair, replace, or repurchase its products or product components as set forth above is the sole and exclusive warranty extended by Hunter. There are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and warranties of fitness for a particular purpose. Hunter will not be liable to a distributor or to any other party in strict liability, tort, contract, or any other manner for any damages caused or claimed to be caused as a result of any design of or defect in Hunter’s products, or for any special, incidental, or consequential damages of any nature.

Where applicable, Hunter’s statement of warranty complies with local directives.

If you have any questions concerning the warranty or its application, please email

ASAE Certification Statement

Hunter Industries Incorporated certifies that pressure, flow rate, and radius data for these products were determined and listed in accordance with ASAE Standard S398.1, Procedure for Sprinkler Testing and Performance Reporting, and are representative of performance of production sprinklers at the time of publication. Actual product performance may differ from the published specifications due to normal manufacturing variations and sample selection. All other specifications are solely the recommendation of Hunter Industries Incorporated.


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