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Highlands Falls Country Club

Highlands, North Carolina, USA

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Playability and water efficiency go hand-in-hand when it comes to proper course management. This means distribution uniformity is crucial to ensuring world-class performance and beautiful results.

Healthy, playable turf starts with a well-designed irrigation system and top-level golf rotors that provide maximum distribution uniformity and soil moisture consistency. Our full line of rotors provides best-in-class solutions for any golf course, anywhere around the globe.

TTS-800 Series Golf Rotors

All Hunter TTS Golf Rotors OFFER the same industry-leading gear drive system.

Highly Efficient Gear Drives with Power to Spare

Highly Efficient Gear Drives
with Power to Spare

  1. Exclusive PressurePort™ nozzle technology
  2. Simple arc adjustment with or without a tool
  3. Powerful, patented internal gear drive
  4. Adjustable, high-torque stator assembly
  5. Optional high-speed rotation stator assembly
Rotor Parts breakdown
Investing Millions to DESIGN the Best Rotor Possible
Rotor Solutions for Every Course
At Hunter Golf, we pride ourselves in providing products that set the standard in efficiency. Whether you’re looking for simple yet reliable B Series rotors or next-generation TTS-800 technology, Hunter golf rotors push past the obstacles of day-to-day irrigation management to ensure beautiful, playable links for years to come.

TTS-800 Rotors

Hunters Most Powerful and Innovative Golf Rotor

TTS-800 Series rotors provide maximum uniformity and longevity in the field. The high-torque gear drives are the strongest in the industry, so the challenges of reclaimed water use or poor water quality are mitigated. An extra-large, fast-access flange compartment comfortably accommodates wire connections and other components. Convenient, no-dig Total Top Serviceability means routine maintenance is a breeze. Available in both conventional wired or two-wire versions.


G-800 Rotors

The Rotor that Started the Total Top Service in Golf

G-800 series is the perfect combination of power, performance, and serviceability. With a powerful core, an array of efficient nozzles, and true full circle and convertible part circle capabilities, the new G-800 series golf rotors are built to perform. Available in both conventional wired or two-wire versions.


G-900 Rotors

Long Throw is Great for Large Spacing Needs or Retrofit Golf Course

G-900 series is a long throw rotor for large spacing needs. Some early course designs utilized 85 to 100 feet spacing and need a rotor with a longer throw and more gallonage. If you have a course with single row system or large spacing needs the G-900 series is great solution for these courses. Available in both conventional wired or two-wire versions.


B Type Rotors

Dependable, Efficient and Economical Golf Rotor

Hunter's Block type golf and large turf rotor is also the ideal choice for the customer on a budget. The B Series rotors provide all the standard features you want for mid-distance coverage including a time-tested gear drive, convenient through-the-top servicing, and a sturdy, impact-resistant flanged body. Plus, Hunter's PressurePort nozzling system reduces velocity and pressure to the secondary nozzles while increasing droplet size. The result is they deliver uniform distribution every time.



Hunter's most powerful and innovative golf rotors


The rotor that started Total-Top-Service in golf


Long throw is ideal for large spacing and retrofits

B Type

Dependable, efficient, and economical golf rotors

 Strongest Gear Drive in the Industry
Strongest Gear Drive in the IndustryCheck IconCheck IconCheck IconCheck Icon
 Exclusive PressurePort Nozzle Technology
Exclusive PressurePort Nozzle TechnologyCheck IconCheck IconCheck IconCheck Icon
 Total-Top-Service Construction
Total-Top-Service ConstructionCheck IconCheck IconCheck IconCheck Icon
 Filter Sentry Scours the Filter Clean with Every Activation
Filter Sentry Scours the Filter Clean with Every ActivationCheck IconCheck IconCheck Icon 
 Large and Flexible Yardage Marker Capabilities
Large and Flexible Yardage Marker CapabilitiesCheck IconCheck IconCheck Icon 
 Available in Two-Wire Configuration
Available in Two-Wire ConfigurationCheck IconCheck IconCheck Icon 
 Total-Top-Service Design with Extra-Large Flange
Total-Top-Service Design with Extra-Large FlangeCheck Icon   
 Easy Servicing of Regulator and Solenoid Without System De-Pressurization
Easy Servicing of Regulator and Solenoid Without System De-PressurizationCheck Icon   
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