Hunter My List

Organize and share product information for every project
Simplify the ordering process
Discover compatible accessories

Hunter My List is an innovative online tool that simplifies the product ordering process, streamlines communication, and helps you better organise product and system design information. The interactive product builders will help you specify products and accessories for each project, and add those products to running lists. You can even add notes and installation details to keep track of systems you’ve designed.

Download PDF and Excel files

Download PDF and Excel files containing product data and view product descriptions for each part number.

Share, print, email, or export

Share, print, email, or export your list for faster ordering. Take your list, complete with part numbers, to a distributor branch, or email it to your distributor to place your order with ease.

Easy to download

Hunter My List also makes it easy to download spec sheets, brochures, manuals, and CAD details for each product — all in one simple-to-access location.

Key Benefits

Key Benefits
Easily print, export, or share lists via email
Lists are always accessible in the cloud
Better organise project notes
Download brochures, manuals, spec sheets, and CAD details all in one place
Distributors can share inventory
Contractors can create irrigation packages and copy their My List for each project to save time
Critical information is just a click away
Export Excel with multiplier tool for automatic price adjustments and discounts
Organise and share product information for every project
Discover compatible accessories

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