The MP Rotator ® is the smarter, faster, and better choice for high-efficiency irrigation

Now with two convenient precipitation rate options across the widest radius range available, you can design and manage your irrigation system based on specific landscape needs with the reliability you know and expect from the industry-leading MP Rotator. With more than 10 years of proven performance with Hunter Industries, the MP Rotator is the most trusted high-efficiency nozzle on the market.

Smarter Choices for your Design

The MP Rotator is the best tool to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation design

One size does not fit all.

Having two matched precipitation rates across two MP Rotator families with the widest radius range in the industry provides precise control over system design and water management. Having the right precipitation rate for your soil type, slope, and plant material minimizes runoff and ensures peak performance. Choose the best product for your unique landscape needs.

  • Standard MP


    8-35 ft.

    • Maximum water efficiency

    • Slowest precipitation rate

    • More heads on one zone

  • MP800


    6-16 ft.

    • Small spaces

    • Tight water windows

    • Spray retrofit solution

  • MP Strips

    5 ft. wide

    • Rectangular spaces

    • Pair with standard MP or MP800 nozzles

Learn more about Soil Intake Rates - Click Here

Matching Soil Intake Rates

Matching your precipitation rate to your soil intake rate will eliminate the hazards of runoff and help conserve water. With two different precipitation rate options with the MP Rotator, you can now choose the best high-efficiency rotary nozzle for your plant material, soil type, and slope.

Water infiltration into the soil is less than:

 Less than 1.5 in/hr

 Less than 1.0 in/hr

 Less than 0.5 in/hr






Standard MP

Cycle and Soak required to avoid runoff

Infiltration Rate by Soil Type
  Slope Percentage
0-5% 5-8% 8-12% >12%
Coarse Sand
Fine Sand -
Sandy Loam -
Fine Sandy Loam - -
Loam/Silt Loam - -
Clay/Clay Loam - - -

Simplify your designs with the MP Rotator

The Standard MP Rotator Series offers the slowest precipitation rate for pop-ups in the industry: 0.4 in/hr across areas ranging from a 5-ft-wide strip up to a 35-ft radius. Having a slow precipitation rate across such a large radius range means less pressure loss throughout the zone. This allows more heads to run on one valve and simplifies the design layout.

Design Using Traditional Sprays

Design Using MP Rotators

Faster Installation & Lower System Costs

Designing with the MP Rotator means faster installation and lower system costs

  • Less Material

    More heads on one zone means less valves, less pipe, and less wire.

  • Less Labor

    Reduced materials means less labor needed for trenching and installation.

  • Simpler System Design

    The flexibility of the MP Rotator simplifies the sprinkler head layout and overall system design.

MP Rotator system vs. traditional spray system

MP Rotator System $$
Material Number Price/Unit Cost
PGV-101 Valve 2 $32.00 $64.00
PROS-06 + MP Rotator 34 $19.55 $664.70
PC400i Controller 4-Station $180.00 $180.00
Mainline 15 ft $2.50 $37.50
Laterals 600 ft $1.50 $900.00
Wire 20 ft $0.15/ft $3.00
  Total Bid $1,849.20
Traditional Spray System $$$$
Material Number Price/Unit Cost
PGV-101 Valve 6 $32.00 $192.00
PROS-06 + Spray Nozzle 55 $10.30 $566.50
PCC600i Controller 6-Station $210.00 $210.00
Mainline 150 ft $2.50 $375.00
Laterals 800 ft $1.50 $1,200.00
Wire 175 ft $0.15/ft $26.25
  Total Bid $2,569.75
MP Rotator System $$ Traditional Spray System $$$$
Material Number Price/Unit Cost Material Number Price/Unit Cost
PGV-101 Valve 2 $32.00 $64.00 PGV-101 Valve 6 $32.00 $192.00
PROS-06 + MP Rotator 32 $19.55 $664.70 PROS-06 + Spray Nozzle 55 $10.30 $566.50
PC400i Controller 4-Station $180.00 $180.00 PCC600i Controller 6-Station $210.00 $210.00
Mainline 15 ft $2.50 $37.50 Mainline 150 ft $2.50 $375.00
Laterals 600 ft $1.50 $900.00 Laterals 800 ft $1.50 $1,200.00
Wire 20 ft $0.12/ft $3.00 Wire 175 ft $0.15/ft $26.25
  Total Bid $1,849.20   Total Bid $2,569.75

Sample yard with MP Rotators

Sample yard with traditional spray nozzles

Simple and secure field adjustment by tool or by hand


Easily adjust the MP Rotator arc with the MP Tool or by hand. The arc can only be adjusted when the nozzle is running, which prevents any worry of future misalignment due to landscape equipment or vandalism.


Modify the MP Rotator radius with the MP Tool or a slotted screwdriver for up to 25% radius reduction.

Ideal Retrofit and Low-Pressure Solution

MP Rotators match the distances of conventional sprays for an easy retrofit solution to low pressure, runoff, and poor coverage problems.

Quick retrofit with the MP800

With the 0.8 in/hr precipitation rate and 6- to 16-ft radius range offered by the MP800, existing spray zones can convert to high-efficiency overhead systems without significant increases in watering times. It's as simple as that!

Faster troubleshooting for low-pressure systems

If available system pressure drops due to new construction or pressure fluctuations, choose the MP Rotator to get the system pressure back up with even better irrigation coverage. The low flow rates of the MP Rotator result in less pressure loss through the pipe, which increases the available pressure for the system. Instead of cutting in another valve or two, replace your sprays with MP Rotators for a fast and easy fix.

Older spray system with low pressure

MP Rotator upgrade for increased pressure at the heads

Proven Reliability

Fewer callbacks with the MP Rotator's double-pop feature

The double-pop feature of the MP Rotator protects the nozzle from debris. Competitor nozzles have open orifices that clog after just a few cycles, so you have to flush the sprinkler to ensure operation. With the MP Rotator, you can count on a worry-free system. Install the best. Choose the MP Rotator.

Competitor nozzles have weakness hidden in plain sight.
Don't believe the hype.

More than a decade of proven performance

At Hunter, we put our products to the test to ensure maximum performance and reliability. The MP Rotator beats the competition in debris resistance, surge testing, and accuracy. Simply put, the MP Rotator is the all-around choice for optimal functionality.

Double-pop feature keeps the water channels protected and clean years after installation

See for yourself! Watch the MP Rotator outperform the competition with real test results.