Beyond Par for the Course

Join the Hunter Support Network for Golf Professionals

Golf courses depend on green, playable turf. The last thing you need to stand in your way of a well-maintained course is a stalled irrigation system. By joining the Hunter Support Network (HSN), you gain access to a host of exclusive services and benefits to help ensure optimal central control system performance and a healthy irrigation system 365 days a year.

HSN provides you with priority access to factory and field technicians whenever you find yourself stuck in a proverbial sand trap. Our golf systems specialists understand the importance of delivering timely service. Whether it be troubleshooting on the phone or on site, training your staff, or shipping an emergency loaner computer or replacement equipment, we stand ready to serve your needs.

Course Benefits with HSN Membership

  • One year of unlimited telephone support with Hunter Technical Service or an ASP (Authorized Service Provider/Hunter Golf Distributor) for software and hardware installed on the golf course
  • Hunter Field Service Manager or ASP system commissioning
    • Complete control system diagnostics
    • Computer setup and programming
    • Communications setup and testing
    • Field wiring diagnostics and benchmark report
    • Equipment grounding test
  • Online Hunter Golf Forum/Technical Solutions membership
  • On-site training from a Hunter Field Service Manager
  • Uninterruptible power supply/battery backup for computer
  • Pilot® Field Interface next business day replacement
  • Field Interface communication module next business day replacement
  • Loaner Pilot PC eligibility with next business day shipping
  • Remote assistance/desktop sharing support
  • Free Pilot standard software/firmware updates
  • Member pricing on premium software upgrades
  • Member pricing on Rapid Repair Kits

Hunter Rapid Repair Kits

Having the right parts on hand is crucial to uninterrupted water management. With HSN membership, you receive special discounts on customized Rapid Repair Kits. That way, you have parts on hand in case of an emergency — with little to no course downtime, minimum hassle, and no shipping delay. We have six kits available for decoder hubs, hardwire communications, and Pilot systems that contain various combinations of the following items depending on course needs.

Kit components:


    Pilot Face Pack for Conventional Field Controller

  • PILOTFC010

    10-Station Output Module


    Hardwire Communication Module


    Radio Communication Module


    Pilot Decoder Hub 250-Station Expansion Kit (Module and Power Supply)

  • 527300

    Face Pack to Backplane Wiring Harness

  • 411600

    Front Plane Kit/Midplane Assembly


    Backplane Kit (Includes 527300 Wiring Harness)

  • 411601

    Front Plane Kit – Decoder Hub – (No Harness), Midplane Assembly, Screws


    Decoder Hub Face Pack

We have six kits available for the following course configurations:

  • Pilot FC 40-Station Hardwire Kit: #HSNFC40HWRK
  • Pilot FC 80-Station Hardwire Kit: #HSNFC80HWRK
  • Pilot FC 40-Station UHF Kit: #HSNFC40UHFK
  • Pilot FC 80-Station UHF Kit: #HSNFC80UHFK
  • Pilot Decoder Hub Hardwire Kit: #HSNDHHWRK
  • Pilot Decoder Hub with UHF Radio Kit: #HSNDHUHFK


Where do I purchase an HSN plan for my golf course?

Talk to your local Authorized Hunter Golf Distributor or give us a call at 833-476-4653 (833-HSN-GOLF).

Can I purchase an HSN plan directly from Hunter?

No. All plans must be purchased through your Authorized Hunter Golf Distributor.

I have a pre-Pilot system. Can I purchase HSN for Surveyor/VSX?

No. At this time, HSN covers Pilot systems only.

I see that you are not open 24/7. What if I need service?

You can call us after hours at 833-476-4653 and leave a message, or email us at Depending on your needs, we will send you an estimated time for service response or contact you directly as soon as possible.

What are Rapid Repair Kits?

Rapid Repair Kits contain key replacement components for your Pilot system. For example, if you have 80-Station FC controllers installed with UHF radio communications, your kit(s) will contain the following:

Item Description Quantity
527300 Wiring Harness 1
PILOTFC010 10-Station Module 2
411600 FC Front Plane 1

If you need a part in an emergency, simply swap it out with a spare from your kit. All Pilot components can be replaced using a #2 Phillips screwdriver (provided).

Are the kit components under warranty?

Lightning- or surge-damaged components are not covered by warranty. If a defect in a Hunter product is discovered during the applicable warranty period, Hunter will repair or replace, at its option, the product or the defective part. For more information, please see the "Statement of Warranty" in our Golf Irrigation Product Catalog

What happens if my Pilot computer goes down?

Remember, Pilot is a download system. Your field controllers already have your most recent schedules and will run perfectly without the computer.

My computer is down and I need to make adjustments to my schedules. What do I do?

Don't worry! As a member of HSN, we will overnight a loaner computer to you. You can also make certain changes at the controller directly through the menu-driven interface, such as putting the controller on rain hold.

How long has Hunter been in the golf course irrigation business?

Hunter has been in the golf business for more than 20 years. We hold many patents on technical innovations for the golf industry.

What is the Hunter Golf Forum?

Your HSN membership entitles you to exclusive use of Hunter's online conversation platform, the Hunter Golf Forum. The forum is moderated and monitored by golf course irrigation experts at Hunter. Ask questions, find answers, or assist fellow HSN members by relaying your own experiences.

I heard that your service used to be free. Why do I have to pay?

Hunter employs dedicated Field Service Managers throughout the United States. With the success of Pilot, there are more and more systems coming online. To maintain our standard of service, we must charge a nominal fee to provide support when and where you need it.

I have a Pilot Decoder system. How can you troubleshoot this by phone?

Pilot-DH controllers have advanced diagnostics. We can help you run some tests from the controller that will assist us with possible solutions. If on-site service is required, we will dispatch a technician to your golf course.

I've never used remote desktop assistance before. How does this work?

Every Pilot computer comes with an application that (with your permission only) allows you to share your computer screen with a Hunter technician. Call us to start a session. We will walk you through the process.

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