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Hunter is your partner in developing resilient irrigation systems that maximize water efficiency with simple and reliable management.

At Hunter Industries, we celebrate the development of landscapes, green spaces, and sustainable infrastructure that benefit the communities where we live, work, and play. When you specify top-quality Hunter irrigation solutions, you gain more than field-proven products — you get a trusted partner committed to end-to-end support for every project.

As your partner, we are committed to offering helpful resources to simplify the design process. Our specification representatives offer personalized design considerations and feedback, on-site guidance and construction observations, and ongoing maintenance support to ensure every design is a long-term success.


Global Specification Support Network

As an irrigation designer or specifier, you are challenged to develop innovative irrigation solutions that safely and efficiently support green infrastructure while complying with local codes and regulations. Our global network of specification representatives is here to help you succeed. From local residential projects to multinational developments, our team will support your irrigation design no matter where your project is located.

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CAD Resources

CAD Legends

Building Irrigation Legends can be a tedious task. To you save you time, money, and resources, our experts have created several legends to help launch your next irrigation project.

Installation Details

Correctly installing irrigation products is essential to efficient, long-lasting, and healthy landscapes. That’s why Hunter provides installation details in a multitude of design configurations.

Sports Field Plans

Hunter has been providing best-in-class sports field irrigation solutions for more than 40 years. We’ve used our extensive experience and knowledge to provide you with common irrigation designs for various sports field layouts and help get your project started.

BIM Models

As the design world adopts all-inclusive design techniques, Hunter is providing 3D BIM models. These product support files include true-to-size dimensions and performance specifications to fit seamlessly into your next BIM project.

Designer Resources

Design & Technical Guides

Hunter provides design guides to help you create efficient irrigation systems for any outdoor space. From design to installation to maintenance, these guides help ensure healthy, beautiful, and long-lasting landscapes.

Tree Irrigation Design

Trees are invaluable assets to our communities. They provide beauty and resources for built and unbuilt environments. A properly designed irrigation system will ensure the health and longevity of trees to maximize their benefits. This means creating targeted applications based on the age and surrounding conditions of each tree.

Written Product Specifications

Hunter’s written and technical specifications are formatted so you can easily copy and paste information into documents, plans, and drawings.

LEED Application Guide

Find out which Hunter products can help you secure LEED points on your design projects.

Run Time Calculator

To get the most out of your irrigation system, you need to have your controller programmed with the correct run times for each zone. This calculator can automatically generate an irrigation schedule for your landscape and help prevent water waste.

Hunter Dripline Calculator

The Hunter Dripline Calculator is a handy tool that will recommend dripline products for your next project. Simply enter factors about the hydrozone area to get instant access to recommended part numbers and specifications. You can also calculate total zone flows and product quantities.

California MWELO Compliant Products

For the latest Modified Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance revision in California, Hunter collaborated closely with state officials and a range of stakeholders to determine a balanced resolution. Because of our deep involvement and understanding of the regulations, we are here to help you navigate the law. We can also provide you with the products and tools you need to ensure your projects meet and exceed government requirements.

Made in America Laws: Buy American Act and Buy America Requirements

Federal government purchasing policies called Made in America Laws are designed to increase reliance on domestic supply chains and reduce the need to spend tax dollars on foreign-made goods. Learn more about Hunter’s domestically made products and exemptions to Made in America Laws here.

Living Building Challenge

Projects seeking Living Building Challenge certification require specific reporting on products and materials. Contact us for your next project to learn how we can help.

Site Studies

  • Hunter System Upgrade Saves Miromar Outlets 3.5 Million Gallons of Water
  • MP800SR Series - UC Davis Bicycle Roundabout
  • Paris Tramways Install Turf
  • With Eco-Mat, Life goes on Uninterrupted
  • MP Rotator Efficiency Goes Unmatched in Usage Test
  • LEED Certification in Sao Paulo

Hunter offers the products, training, and tools you need to ensure every project is a success.



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